Narmada & Tapi Hostels

  • Boy’s hostel has a capacity of 84 boarders.
  • There are specific rules and regulations for both the hostels (to be put up in the respective notice boards) violation of which may lead to severe punishment, even cancellation of boarder ship.
  • Each room of the hostel is furnished with modern furniture, viz., cot, mattress, study table and wardrobe.
  • Other facilities that are provided within hostels include Sports, Television, Newspaper, Magazines, continuous Fresh Cooled water and electric supply, spacious bathrooms, and toilets.
  • The wardens of respective hostels reside in quarters adjoining the hostel.
  • Well maintained dining room with independent kitchen and hygienic cooking facilities.
  • Security guards provide 24-hour attention.
  • The hostel facility is very ideal for pursuing academic goals.