ACHIEVEMENTS IN YEARS (2019-20, 2018-19 and 2017-18)

(1)  DJMIT has been qualified last year (2019) as one of the Host Institute – Business Incubation (HI-BI) for implementation of various schemes “Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of MSMEs through Incubator” by Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises ( Govt of India) .

It acts as Start Up Support and collaborative link between Startups and stake holders / govt agencies . SICD is Chaired and mentored by Dr. Amit Rai Former International Expert (UNIDO, Vienna, Austria)and guided by Prof. Narendra K Rustagi,Professor and Director,Centre for Global Business Studies, School of Business, Howard University, Washington DC 20059 USA along with other experienced team members.

(2) Branch wise students excelled in  Gujarat Technological University (GTU ) exam – in last 3 years who have come in top 10 and Top 100:

Mechanical : GTU Rank 97;   9.81 CGPA

Civil : GTU Rank 84;   8.81 CGPA

Electrical: GTU Rank 28 :  9.57 CGPA

(3) Placement data of last 3 years:

Total 131 placement

(4) DJMIT  Sports teams achievement at Zonal and state level in last 3 years

Following students / Teams excelled in Sports in GTU Sports competition.

1)     Saurav Vaghela was selected for AIU ( All India University ) Cricket team in 2018.

2)     Poornank Patel and Rathod Virendra were selected for Inter-Zonal-AIU Selection Kho-Kho tournaments at VVP Rajkot Dec 2017.

3)     Shah Tejas – Traditional Dance competition – selected for Inter-Zonal competition in 2017

4)     Naved Munshi – Weight lifting competition – 2nd runners up in zonal level – 2017

5)     Patel Axit – Vollybol inter collage tournament –Runners up in zonal level

6)     Dhandhukiya Shubham –  Badminton tournament – Runners up in Zonal level

7)     GTU ( Gujarat Technological University )  ” Weight Lifting competition at Zonal level”-  Runners Up winner

8)     Traditional dance competition at Zonal Level , GTU– Amul Volcano – 1st Runner up winner

(5) GTU sponsored GUJCOST(Gujarat Council on Science and Technology

Set up under Department of Science and Technology , Govt of Gujarat) programs:

Total of 14 GUJCOST sponsored programs have been organized at the Institute.

(6) Gujarat Innovation Council promoted by Govt of Gujarat  –

No of Project submitted and approved by them:

No. of Project submitted: 12 (Student Startup and Innovation Policy)

(7) National and international paper publications- branch wise- in last 3 years:

Total  71 publications in National and International Journals and Conferences

(8) DJMIT is one of the very few Engg. colleges in Gujarat having installed 52kw capacity Renewable ( Solar PV) Energy captive Power plants at its roof which acts as Technology display as well adoption of green energy concepts as sustainable development goals under The Paris Climate Accord and Our Renewable Future.

(9) No of students settled foreign / migrated in last 3 years from Alumni / past student – 54 students

 Anand District  has a rich heritage of business and  industry orientated , peace loving people and immigration links with the USA and UK.Most of the students studying at Anand at this institute prefer to settle in USA / Canada and abroad. In the last 3 years 54 Students studied in DJMIT have settled abroad. This provides a conducive atmosphere at DJMIT campus for foreign students.

(10) Major  Science / technological  events / competition won by DJMIT in inter college competition:

    1. Volcano, Clay Modeling, Fashion Show,  Robowar event at IIT Bombay: 3 students participated – 2nd Runner Up in Classical Dance
    2. 2  GEDA ( Gujarat Energy Development Agency – State govt agency working under deptt of Energy , Govt of Gujarat))  sponsored Seminar on Energy Conservation Awareness program
    3. Model Creation SPECTROM event at ADIT, 3 students participated – 1st Prize winner zonal level.
    4. Presentation on Green Building At BVM college , SP University ,VV nagger Anand – 1st Prize winner zonal level,
    5. State level AUTOCAD competition at Neo Teach Institute, Vadodara – 1st Runner up winner

(11) Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute Of Technology, has participated in online training programme conducted by Indian Institute of Remote Sensing,

ISRO Dehradun on “Geographical Information System”. This online programme was conducted during September 28, 2020 to October 15, 2020.