Charuttar Education & Navrachana Trust (CENT)

history of CENT

CENT is a government registered charitable trust officiated in Anand District of Gujarat State of India. The mission statement of CENT is “to work together to serve people those who are less fortunate to have quality education, to continue their education and employment by providing forward and backward linkages to achieve their potential, improving education for all potential and aspiring students at all levels of schools and college, to focus on the schools and colleges most often left behind in efforts, to improve and impart higher, technical and professional education to potential students and also committed in relieving financial burden of weaker section students.”

CENT promotes and values excellence in public education including higher, technical and professional education and that a strong public education system is the essential element of a healthy, vibrant, prosperous and forward looking society which allows all its resources in the development and sustenance of humanitarian values. CENT believe that the best and quality public education system can emerge and evolve only when the community participates in its development.


To promote education as thorough and as fast as possible to cater the needs of the people of India.

To start, promote, expand, acquire and maintain institutions for imparting education in any branch of knowledge.

To creates endowments, to institute scholarships, prizes, awards and to provide assistance by way of books, equipments and other necessary things.

To promote research, investigate, survey and train or pay for training person in the interest of and for furtherance of the objectives of the Society.

To undertake other beneficial activities and to do all other things as are identical and conductive to the attainment of the above objects separately or in collaboration with other institutions having their objects similar to those of the Society.

To undertake any such activity required to enhance /expand knowledge based society, to improve human develop index, to utilize and expand any branch of intelligence, knowledge & wisdom for betterment of human living standards.

To establish and support or aid or contribute to the establishment of and support to associations, funds, institutions or trusts conducive to the benefit of the society in educational matters.