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06-02-2015 Norms for Teaching Days and Workload in the UniversitiesNorms_for_teaching_days.pdf
02-07-2012 Transcripttranscript.pdf
13-04-2012 Notification for All CoursesNotification for All Courses.pdf
06-12-2011 UFM ExplanationUFM_Explanation.pdf
21-03-2011 Backlogs for DetentionBacklogs for Detention.pdf
03-11-2010 UFM Punishment DetailsUFM_PunishmentDetails_wef-Nov10.pdf
31-08-2010 Re-assessment of answer-booksRe-assessment of answer-books.pdf
17-06-2009 Curbing the Menace of Ragging Curbing the Menace of Ragging.pdf
12-12-2008 Writer RulesWriter Rules.pdf