28 June 2019

Toppers of Electrical Engineering

Supporting Documents:


18-12-2019 Grant received in Civil department from SSIPCivil_Grant_SSIP.pdf
25-09-2019 Thalassemia Checkup Camp-24.09.2019TC-24.09.2019.pdf
12-09-2019 GUJCOST Seminar Brochure-NanotechnologyGUJCOST Seminar Brochure-Nanotechnology-Sept 2019-20 nos.pdf
27-08-2019 DJMIT_ME Vacant Seat 2019DJMIT_ME Vacant Seat 2019 Dt.27.8.2019.pdf
23-08-2019 DJMIT_BE Vacant Seat 2019DJMIT_BE Vacant Seat 2019 Dt.23.8.2019.pdf
23-08-2019 DJMIT_D2D Vacant Seat 2019DJMIT_D2D Vacant Seat 2019 Dt.23.8.2019.pdf
20-08-2019 ME Vacant AdvtME Vacant Advt.pdf
10-08-2019 DJMIT Vacant seat advertisementDJMIT Vacant seat _10-8-2019.PDF
10-08-2019 DJMIT_D2D_ Vacant seat advertisement DJMIT_D2D_ Vacant seat_10_08_ 2019.PDF
09-08-2019 BE Vacent seat advertisement BE Vacent seat advt_9-8-2019.pdf
09-08-2019 D2D Vacent seat advertisementD2D Vacent seat advt_09_08_ 2019.pdf
22-07-2019 MQ Merit ListMQ Merit List_DJMIT_ 22.7.2019.PDF
17-07-2019 Bus Route Details with timing from 18/07/2019Bus Route Details with timing.pdf
30-06-2019 MQ AdvertisementMQ Advertisement_30.06.2019.pdf
28-06-2019 Toppers Of Civil EngineeringCIVIL.pdf
28-06-2019 Toppers of Electrical EngineeringELECTRICAL.pdf
28-06-2019 Toppers of Computer EngineeringComputer.pdf
28-06-2019 Toppers of Mechanical EngineeringMECHANICAL.pdf
17-05-2019 Institute Transfer Policyinstitute transfer policy.pdf
15-05-2019 Information Technology EOA ReportEOA_Report 2019-20.PDF

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