06 Nov. 2017

Student Intership for academic year 2017-18_Circular

Supporting Documents:
Student Intership_Circular.pdf


07-07-2018 MQ Advertisement 2018MQ_Advertisement_2018.pdf
30-06-2018 A report of celebration of international day for anti drug abuse and illicit traffickingInternational _anti_drug _abuse_day _report.pdf
22-06-2018 Yoga Celebration Report 2018 Yoga_Day_2018.pdf
04-05-2018 DJMIT_ACPC_HELP_CENTERHC2018.pdf
03-05-2018 Requirement of Principal, Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor in various disciplines.
27-03-2018 Blood Donation Report_2018BD_2018.pdf
26-03-2018 WDC ReportWDC_Report.pdf
01-03-2018 TECHNOPLOIS 2K18
22-01-2018 Pool Campus Drive Campus of Unikaihatsu Software Pvt. Ltd. on 25/01/2017, Friday 09:30 AM. for COMPUTER BRANCHUnikaihatsu.pdf
06-11-2017 Student Intership for academic year 2017-18_CircularStudent Intership_Circular.pdf
11-08-2017 Techphilia 2K17 Techphilia Website (Click to Visit):
24-07-2017 MQ Inter-Se-Merit-553_2017MQ Inter-Se-Merit-553_2017.PDF
08-07-2017 MQ Admission 2017 Advertisement Advt_MQ_2017.pdf
26-06-2017 BE Last Year Students Results UpdateBE Last Year Results Updates in Various News Paper.pdf
15-05-2017 Requirement of Senior AccountantAccount_Req_2017.pdf
05-05-2017 Career 2017
10-04-2017 Blood Donation Camp 2017BD_2017.pdf
13-03-2017 Womens Day Celebration 2017WDC_2017.pdf
23-12-2016 Appreciated by DJMIT Management for one of DJMIT Student Named Parth Patel(6th-Sem,Mechanical Student)New.pdf

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